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Dany Milham and his cofounder Mitch Taylor launched Koala Mattress in 2015.  Three years later, they’ve disrupted the furniture industry, achieved more than $100M in revenue and rewritten the playbook for how entrepreneurs launch and market products.  No other Australian eCommerce brand has achieved so much so fast.  In their first online course, you’ll learn incredible brand, community and marketing tactics that any business can use to achieve rapid growth.

This course is led by Koala Cofounder, Co-CEO and Head of Marketing Dany Milham and features key leaders in his marketing team including Koala’s Head of Creative, Head of Performance, Social Media Marketing Manager and Head of Data.  The course features 14 lessons that are designed to help business owners and marketers to launch products, build trust, differentiate brand, develop creative that cuts through and scale marketing.  This content is as relevant to single person business owners as it is to marketers leading global teams.  You’ll learn killer tactics to buy online and offline ads, how to amplify your media and get big results from small budgets, how to measure everything and turn your creative and marketing function into a revenue generating machine.  You will not learn this stuff anywhere else!

From $0 to $100M in 3 years Lesson Plan:


Introduction to Koala. How to develop a compelling unique value proposition and differentiate your business with Dany Milham, Cofounder and Co-CEO

In this candid introduction, Dany shares the foundations for Koala and the steps he and his cofounder took to develop a $100M business starting with no money and no industry knowledge. You’ll learn how the founders researched customer pain points and the furniture market, before developing a product. You will also learn tactics you can use to innovate, create a disruptive brand and develop unique selling propositions (USP’s) that’ll differentiate your business from competitors.


Storytelling, branding, messaging and email marketing with Dany Milham, Cofounder and Co-CEO

This lesson is a comprehensive guide for how to develop the foundations of a brand and a tone of voice that is authentic and distinctive. You’ll learn the three different types of content every business must develop and how and where to place different types of content on your website to maximise conversions. This lesson also looks at email marketing, how to write and design emails to build brand affinity and to inspire people to take action. Dany will discuss ideas for how to capture the email addresses of people who land on your site and describe the Koala ‘Welcome Series’ of emails and the thinking behind each email in the series.


Building trust: reviews and third-party validation with Dany Milham, Cofounder and Co-CEO

Building trust is one of the most challenging hurdles for any new brand - particularly for online based companies. In three years, Koala has garnered more than 16,000 five star reviews and hundreds of fan-made endorsement videos on YouTube. Koala is a household name and their products are considered best-in-class. In this lesson, Dany will share the importance of trust and step by step guide for how to get reviews, respond to reviews and leverage reviews to build trust in your company. You’ll learn how to set up a review funnel, the most effective ways to ask for reviews, how to respond and turn around negative reviews and how to get customers to endorse your product on third party websites. Dany will share how turn reviews into your most valuable asset.


Build a creative machine with Matthew Rossi, Head of Creative

Advertising has become saturated. The only way to cut through is to stand-out. Koala is famous for its clever ads that poke fun at just about everyone. And they’re famous for an incredible output of genius marketing ideas. In this short lesson, Koala’s Head of Creative Matthew Rossi, will share how the company has built a creative machine. The team makes all of their own commercials in-house and often ships multiple new ads online every-day. They’ve developed a culture and system that encourages everyone in the company to share creative ideas and a framework to test and develop ideas into campaigns. In this short lesson, you’ll be inspired with ideas for how to develop your own creative and get to dive inside the workings of Koala to see and hear how two creative campaigns came to life.


Ruthless performance marketing with Phil O’Connor Head of Performance Media

How do Koala get so much media saturation? Ruthless, performance, marketing! This short lesson is led by Koala’s brilliant Head of Performance, Phil O’Connor and covers the fundamentals of performance marketing. You’ll learn how to storyboard your customer journey which will include touchpoint across multiple channels. You’ll learn how to vary your creative for each channel and how to track a single customer’s journey across multiple channels. Phil will also share some big mistakes that performance marketers make. This is essential viewing!


The performance marketing funnel with Phil O’Connor Head of Performance Media and Matthew Rossi, Head of Creative

This lesson is a deep dive into the performance marketing funnel. You’ll learn the four stages of Koala’s funnel: awareness, prospecting, consideration and intent. Phil will outline each stage of the funnel, how to buy media and tactics for what creative and messaging to use at each step. You’ll learn how to encourage people to move down the funnel towards purchase and how to track your customer’s interactions with your brand across multiple channels.


Value investing and offline advertising with Matthew Rossi, Head of Creative

Koala’s goal is to become a household name and major Australian brand. The team made a strategic decision to invest in offline advertising to gain awareness and credibility. But the Koala approach to offline is like no other. Koala buy all their media in-house. In this insightful lesson, you’ll learn how Koala 'value-shop' to access unusual media channels that other advertisers aren’t using and how they create genius ads to stand out. You’ll hear examples of ads that work on each format and learn how to access cut-price billboard, radio and TV opportunities. Don’t miss this one!


Three Koala marketing case studies with Matthew Rossi, Head of Creative

In this compelling lesson, you’ll see three case studies that bring to life what you’ve learnt so far. You’ll get to go inside the Koala marketing department and see how campaigns are developed from idea to execution. The case studies include: Doctor’s surgeries - how Koala leveraged a mostly unused channel to drive growth and how they measured and reported on impact, Inner-city elevators - again, how Koala accessed largely under-used channel to reach, entertain and engage a huge audience of inner-city professionals and TV: how Koala used a discounted advertorial spot on Channel 9 to create a viral online video and major free PR coverage.


Master Facebook and Instagram advertising with Phil O’Connor Head of Performance Media and Isabelle Zonderland Social Media Marketing Manager

This lesson deep dives into Facebook and Instagram advertising. You’ll hear from Koala’s Social Media Marketing Manager Isabelle Zonderland for insight into how Koala run Facebook campaigns. You’ll learn how to develop audiences and how to contextualise your ad placements to get maximum impact for your budget. Phil and Matt will also share secrets to developing video ads and static image ads that cut through on Facebook and different rules for placing and developing Instagram ads.


YouTube, Search, Native and Display Advertising with Phil O’Connor Head of Performance Media and Matthew Rossi, Head of Creative

This lesson will share how Koala uses YouTube and Search, and what stage of the marketing funnel each channel is designed to impact. You’ll learn the latest tactics for how to use YouTube and the creative that works on this channel - which his quite different to Facebook video. You’ll learn the fundamentals of paid Search and the importance of owning your brand on Google. Phil will also touch on Native and Display advertising and Koala’s experience with these channels.


Measure everything: Data and analytics and how to lead a data driven team with Tom Hunt Head of Data and Analytics

In this comprehensive lesson, you’ll learn how Koala measure EVERYTHING including offline advertising. You’ll see the marketing pacing sheet that every member of the team contributes to every day and learn the North Star metrics each team is chasing in order to achieve the company’s mission. And you’ll understand why the Creative Team has a different North Star metric to the Performance Team. This lesson is largely led by Koala’s Head of Data and Analytics, Tom Hunt. You’ll learn the three categories of things to track, what Google Analytics is best at tracking, the importance of click-stream tracking, how to collective quantitative as well as quantitative data and the importance of a centralised data warehouse. You’ll also get an inside look at how Koala’s team actually use data day-to-day and get tips on how to lead a data obsessed team.


Performance marketing and growth: testing and validation with Tom Hunt Head of Data and Analytics

This short lesson outlines how Koala approach growth experiments. You’ll learn the fundamentals of growth marketing, how to devise experiments, prioritise and run a testing cycle. You’ll develop an understanding of key concepts such as ‘statistical significance’ and ‘A/B testing’ and learn the importance of embedding a ‘growth mindset’ culture in your team.


Advice for startups. Step by step guide to developing a killer marketing strategy and why you’re probably doing the wrong thing with Dany Milham, Matthew Rossi, Phil O’Connor, Isabelle Zonderland and Tom Hunt

This lesson is designed for entrepreneurs in the early stages of setting up a business. You’ll learn how Dany and his cofounder Mitch built an online community for Koala before they even had a product so they didn’t launch from a standing start. You’ll learn different tactics to build an online community including blogging and Instagram groups. Dany passionately advocates for you to develop your brand and do your marketing in-house - even if that means doing everything yourself. In this lesson, he’ll outline why. You’ll learn how to develop a performance media strategy when you’re starting out with a low budget and the mistake that almost every entrepreneur makes when they start to market their brand. You’ll learn tactics for how to find audiences who are likely to be interested in your product and Isabelle will share a ‘back to basics’ session on how to set-up Facebook ads if you’re doing this for the first time. Finally, Tom will share how to think about Analytics and Data in the early stages of your business. What to tract when and what tools are essential.


How to run a high performance marketing team with Dany Milham Cofounder and Co-CEO

In this lesson, Dany will share how he and his cofounder built the team at Koala, what worked and his recommendations on how to operate. You’ll learn how to hire a marketing team: who should be the first recruits and what types of roles to fill at different stages of growth. Dany will share how he looks for marketing talent and what makes someone a good fit for Koala. You’ll learn how Koala have designed their culture to empower team members to take risks in a structured format, how they set North Star metrics, use OKRs and operate as a team week-to-week. Dany will detail each of the key regular meetings including stand-ups and marketing meetings. Download each of the Koala meeting agenda examples in the resources for this section and make sure you take the final quiz!