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Search Inside Yourself | Zambesi

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Search Inside Yourself

Craig Davis | Cofounder Sendle, Certified Teacher Google SIY

Course overview

The ‘Search Inside Yourself’ two-day leadership intensive has been developed and tested at Google since 2007 and became world-famous as a life-changing program available exclusively to Google employees - with internal waitlists of 6 months or more. Search Inside Yourself is now taught outside Google by a small number of Certified Teachers.  

‘Search inside yourself’ is based on neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence training.  You’ll boost personal performance with sustainable strategies and develop strength in brain regions associated with focus, working memory and executive function, learn a new, sensationally simple model for leadership, develop your ability to influence with practical leadership skills, discover your sources of success, satisfaction and happiness and build emotional resilience and stress management skills.

This program is delivered by Craig Davis, co-founder of Sendle, an innovative technology company taking on Australia Post. Craig is a prolific entrepreneur who has launched 11 companies and been named as one of Australia’s top ten marketers two years in a row.  Craig is certified to lead ‘Search Inside Yourself’ and has run programs for KPMG, Macquarie Bank, Google, Optus, SAP, HSBC and a number of scale-up companies.

Course outcomes

  • Learn and adopt new behaviours to transform your leadership style and become a powerful influencer of others
  • Boost your personal capacity; become more strategic, focussed and get more done.
  • Become a true innovator; develop a curious and open mindset and recognise the power of diversity and adaptive intelligence.
  • Learn to lead innovation; engage and motivate peers to become curious, adopt agile work practices, embrace change and a develop a passion for improvement.
  • Develop skills to lead with intention and purpose.  Learn to lead effective meetings with high levels of collaboration that produce results. 
  • Become a master communicator.  Develop an understanding of how to use different channels (email, phone, face-to-face, large groups) to communicate with compassion, inspiration and clarity.  
  • Understand how to manage difficult conversations in your business context including performance management (up and down), business partnerships, disagreeable customers and more. You’ll learn a five-part problem solving model developed by the Harvard negotiation project and develop the ability to have more empathetic - not agreeable - conversations.   
  • Enhance your wellbeing.  Rediscover your sense of purpose, understand your motivation, become better equipped to manage stress and defuse triggers that prevent you from performing at your best.
  • Envision your five year career trajectory and develop a plan to navigate your future that is authentic and congruent with your purpose and values. 

This course is suitable for: 

  • Executives who want to step-up their leadership capacity, lead more innovative and productive teams, boost their personal performance and enhance their overall well-being
  • Business owners, entrepreneurs and their teams who want to become better people leaders, more powerful influencers, make better decisions, stay focused on the right things, get more done and manage the stress of growing a business 

About the expert

Craig Davis is a SIY Certified Teacher, a serial entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor at UTS Business School.  He is one of the world’s most accomplished advertising and marketing experts having lived and worked around the world. Craig has created award-winning campaigns for Procter and Gamble, Coca Cola, Toyota, Sony, HSBC, Nestle, Ford, PayPal, Unilever, Shell, Johnson & Johnson, Diageo, Bank of China, Bayer, China Light and Power, Netease, NRMA, and many others.  Craig has also led business and cultural transformations across international networks of 11,000 people. Twice.

He is Co-Founder of Sendle, a technology company taking on Australia Post in parcel delivery. Sendle has been recognised as one of Australia’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies, two years running. While Craig has been named one of Australia’s Top 10 Marketers, two years in a row.

Craig has taught SIY across Australia, NZ and Asia to startups, investment banks, tech companies, media organisations, manufacturers, telcos, universities, hospitals, government, and small business entrepreneurs.  

Mentorship logistics

This workshop is over two days and is limited to 40 participants, enabling Craig to focus on everyone’s objectives. Craig delivers the course in person, weaving in real-life examples from his experience working with a range of Australian companies.  Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions by email in the week leading up to the course and Craig will personalize the content and exercises to address everyone’s goals. This workshop is held in at the Royal Motor Yacht Club, Point Piper and runs from 9am– 5pm both days with short breaks. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea is provided.

Application Info

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May Onwards
7 Reviews
Serafina Maiorano, CEO, Advance.org
Craig is an inspiring, creative leader and thinker whose deep care for society and whose progressive ideas have the potential to change the world

Terry Savage, Former CEO and Chair, Cannes Lion
At Lions Festical we have 300 seminars a year from around the globe - thought leaders, film stars, politicians, musicians, entertainers and authors. It speaks for itself when I say that Craig has been invited to speak at our festivals on four seperate occasions

Brendan Harkin, Director, X Media Lab
One of the world's most respected creative leaders, Craig is an acutely insightful, compelling and charismatic speaker. And generous! Craig is unstinting in the way he shares his deep knowledge of creative leadership, innovation and social entrepreneurship with audiences and communities. Rare qualities indeed.

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

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