Sales Hacking For B2B Startups

Robert Coorey | Sales expert and best selling author

Course Overview

This workshop is end to end training on how to design and fill up your sales funnel, close and onboard customers predictably. This program is designed for startup entrepreneurs with between $0 and $1M in revenue looking to attract and close business customers at scale. The instructor Robert Coorey, MBA, is a best-selling author and highly regarded sales expert. He is also Cofounder and Head of Sales for the rapidly scaling property AI platform 'Archistar'. Robert has successfully generated tens of thousands of leads through little known and unusual marketing strategies. He has placed tens of thousands of people into live events, executive briefings and webinars. 

You will develop: 

  • The ability to create premium content, quizzes, strategy sessions, video sales letters and webinars to generate bucket-loads of new leads and clients
  • Tactics to generate leads on low budgets
  • An understanding of little-known strategies to improve the performance of every sales and marketing funnel
  • The ability to scale-up lead generation with paid advertising on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other platforms
  • Tactics to qualify leads and improve your customer acquisition cost
  • An understanding of how to predictably convert leads to sales over the phone or in person

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Entrepreneurs or early sales hires looking to design a sales funnel to attract and close warm leads at scale. The tactics taught in this workshop are designed to generate B2B leads and close deals online, over the phone or in person. 

Mentorship curriculum

Module 1: Finding your starving crowd

  • Zero in on your ideal client
  • Find their pain points
  • Create your own “Category of one” - a blue ocean with no competitors
  • Do you have the right pricing structure?
  • Run a new product launch

Module 2: Little-known positioning strategies to create perception of industry leadership

  • Case study marketing
  • Third party authority
  • Appearing as a guest expert on premium podcasts and media websites

Module 3: Building a sales funnel

  • Live events and webinars
  • Downloadable Premium content
  • Survey funnels and quiz marketing
  • Free consultations and strategy sessions
  • Video sales letters

Module 4: Driving large scale, high volume leads

  • Strategies for B2B
  • Free and low-cost strategies: Search Engine Optimization, joint ventures, sponsors, affiliates, and partnerships, LinkedIn profile and connection optimization, manual outreach, email marketing
  • Scaling up with Paid advertising strategies: Google advertising, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising, Twitter advertising, YouTube advertising, native advertising, direct media buying, retargeting

Module 5: Predictably converting the leads into sales

  • Qualifying process to work with decision makers 
  • Qualifying the lead into a booked meeting 
  • Going form qualified meeting to close sale; how to run the sales meeting, strategies to build urgency and close the deal

Mentorship logistics

This half-day workshop is limited to fifteen participants, enabling Robert to focus on your business and sales objectives.  Robert delivers the workshop in person, weaving in real-life examples from his time generating leads and building sales and marketing funnels for Archistar and a number of clients. This course contains a lot of discussion, as well as individual and group exercises. At the end of the course you will walk away having developed a plan to scale your sales function.  This workshop is intense: from 9 am– 1pm with one short break. Sydney workshops are held in an awesome boardroom in the CBD.

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May Onwards
3 Reviews
Jordana Nielsen, National Manager at The Brow Bar
I learnt a lot from this program. Rob was excellent!

Alicia Monasso, Director and Marketing and Sales at Hussh
Rob's ability to listen and adapt insights and recommendations based on your business is outstanding.

Alex McKillop, Angel Investor
Was extremely practical, learnt a lot around the flow-like approach to setting the objectives, targeting the audience and marketing vehicles to be used.

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

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