Ruthless Performance Marketing

Tim Doyle | Founder and CEO Eucalyptus

Ruthless performance marketing, 6 month mentorship with Tim Doyle, Frmr Head of Marketing at Koala Mattress, Advisor Canva, Founder Pilot, Mentor Startmate

Mentorship overview:

Tim Doyle is widely considered Australia’s brightest marketer. In 2017, Tim joined as its first senior marketing hire. In a business where there are 20+ competitors selling similar products, Tim built a brand and customer acquisition engine that was able to clearly differentiate and out-perform competition and enabled Koala to grow from nothing to $100M revenue in just three years. In 2019, Tim founded (backed by Blackbird VC) and became an advisor to Canva.

Tim’s first ever mentorship program is an exclusive opportunity to work with Tim in a small group over six months. Tim will train and guide you to apply cutting edge tactics used by the world’s fastest growing consumer brands to rapidly scale your marketing and growth.

This is a hands-on, small group program meets twice per month for six months exclusively open to professional marketers and entrepreneurs looking to scale. Each session will combine practical lessons as well as feedback and guidance on your marketing objectives. The program is designed so that Tim and other group members are able to support and ensure the success of everyone in the group.

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Mentorship outcomes:

  • Learn best practice placement tactics using Facebook, YouTube, Search, and other digital advertising opportunities to drive thousands of leads to your website.

  • Develop advanced acquisition funnels for each channel. Use automated email campaigns, retargeting and other tactics to increase customer conversions.

  • Learn to craft and test advertising content and tell stories that enhance your brand and drive conversions.

  • Learn how to get 5 star reviews on mass and turn these reviews into a machine that attracts and converts customers.

  • Build the infrastructure to measure EVERYTHING (including offline advertising, partnerships and events) and make important strategic decisions to grow your business.

You will walk away having completed:

  • Optimised campaigns across FB, YT, Search

  • Built a model for setting and measurement of CPA targets across overall marketing mix and channels

  • Evaluation and advice for positioning strategy and tactics for your business

  • Evaluation and optimisation of current and potential messaging funnels

This workshop is suitable for:

  • In-house marketers, consultants, agency executives and media buyers who want to learn the latest growth tactics used by the most disruptive new companies.

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow as fast as Koala.

About Tim:

Tim is regarded by many as one of Australia’s most strategic and innovative marketers. He is leading a new generation of businesses that are growing super fast and disrupting large incumbent brands with aggressive and ruthless marketing tactics. Tim joined Koala in its first twelve months of operation and, as head of strategy and growth, generated $13M in the first year of operation, $30M in year two and $70M in year three (past 12 months). Tim has built an in-house team, a brand and marketing engine that has driven growth five times faster than the nearest competitor. In 2019, Tim left Koala to found his own startup ( which is backed by Blackbird VC. Tim is mentor to Startmate and advisor to Canva.

Workshop logistics:

This program meets on Tuesday afternoons between 4-6pm twice per month online (via Zoom) starting June 2020. Your enrollment includes a 30 minute private consultation Zoom or phone call with Tim each month to discuss your business and marketing objectives. This program is limited to 12 participants.

Mentorship curriculum

Module 1: Defining your customer value proposition

  • Crystallizing elements of your customer experience resonate with customers
  • Testing messaging around this proposition
  • Using your customer data to find and scale your target audience

Module 2: Analytical infrastructure setup and measurement

  • Setting up key analytical infrastructure
  • Setting up marketing budgets and tracking
  • Different models for attribution and how to approach them

Module 3: Channel planning, testing and scaling

  • Awareness campaigns (what to look for, where to go, how to measure)
  • Mid funnel campaigns (what midfunnel content looks and how to measure it)
  • Conversion campaigns (when, where, how)
  • Review funnels (building and optimising)
  • Offline channels (when to use, how to measure)
  • Value investing in media channels

Module 4: Building performance teams

  • What roles to hire when
  • How to train generalist marketers into performance guns
  • Building analytical capability into your creative team
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May Onwards
2 Reviews
Esha Thaper, Content Specialist, 1Cover Travel Insurance
Tim was knowledgeable, personable and entertaining. I enjoyed his candid and straightforward approach to the course and felt like we covered lots and lots of valuable and thought-provoking content.

Duco van Breeman, General Manager, Haymarket HQ
Practical, in-depth and personalised support made this a valuable workshop.

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

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