Capital Raising Bootcamp: How to raise capital on your terms

Rebekah Campbell | Cofounder Hey You and Zambesi

Course overview:

An intense, focused one day workshop designed to give you the best chance possible of successfully raising capital. You'll leave knowing which investors to target, how to approach them, how to position your pitch, build deal momentum, negotiate and make sure you close funding for your business. 

Course outcomes:

  • A plan to identify and approach investors appropriate for your business and stage.
  • Understand how to value your business, build a cap table anddevelop a financial model in line with market expectations.
  • Build a credible pitch appropriate for your target investor group.
  • Understand the terms your target group of investors are likely to ask for and why.
  • Comprehend the long term implications of each provision and be positioned to negotiate with confidence.
  • Develop the ability to create deal momentum to strengthen your negotiating position and successfully close your investment.

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Entrepreneurs, business owners and directors looking to raise Seed to Series A capital rounds ($200K - $5M).
  • Come to this workshop as a newbie or with a developed pitch and experience.

About the expert: 

Rebekah Campbell has 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and has started four businesses: two sold, and the other she is still associated with - ‘Hey You’. Rebekah has raised more than $17M in venture capital and grants from almost every type of investor. Her first company launched a joint venture with Warner Music in 2008. Two subsequent technology businesses have attracted investment from high profile Angel investors in Australia, Silicon Valley, New York and Europe as well as large venture funds and the corporate investment arm of Westpac.

Mentorship curriculum

Module 1: Target and approach the right investors

  • Define your ask.
  • Benefits and objectives of Angel groups, high net-worth investors, corporate investors and venture funds.
  • Learn to target and approach the right investors for your business.
  • How to value your company.
  • Build a cap table.

Module 2: Negotiate terms

*This module is delivered in partnership with specialist law firm Metis Law.

  • The benefits and costs of equity investment versus convertible and ‘safe’ notes.
  • Key terms of a Shareholders Agreement and Company Constitution to protect founders.
  • Founder vesting agreements. How they work and why investors will often insist you put them in place.
  • Why and how to carve out equity for an employee share plan.
  • How to recruit and remunerate directors/ advisors when it makes sense to do so.
  • Board representation and special voting rights requested by investors.
  • Classes of shares including preference shares and special voting/veto rights.
  • Anti-dilution and milestone adjustment provisions.
  • Pre-emptive investor rights.
  • Provisions to restrict founders and other shareholders from selling their shares.
  • Provisions to restrict/control an exit.
  • Provisions investors use to force an exit.
  • How to ensure corporate investors deliver on ‘special benefit’ promises.
  • ‘Equity earn-in’ and other special provisions often requested by corporate investors.
  • Exercise to develop your negotiation skills and learn how to structure a deal that works for you, yourcompany and the investors.

Module 3: Develop the perfect pitch for your target investor group

  • What do investors look for in founders and their pitch presentations?
  • How investors expect you to present your management accounts and financial projections.
  • We analyse a number of pitch decks and discuss how to develop the right pitch for your target investors.
  • You will develop a new pitch deck during this module to anchor your business presentation or use toenhance an existing pitch.
  • Pitch workshop and practise

Module 4: Closing the deal

  • How to run an investment process
  • Strategies to reach investors in person or on mass. Get meetings with the decision makers.
  • Set up meetings, ensuring that they are looking forward to your pitch.
  • We provide you with an extensive contact list of investors in Australia. 
  • We also discuss when a corporate advisor could help or hinder your process and on what terms should you engage them.
  • The effective use of PR.
  • Negotiation tactics to improve your position.
  • How to run an effective due diligence process.
  • How to avoid investors that waste time.
  • Binding versus non-binding term sheets.
  • The closing process including the appointment of a ‘lead investor’, negotiating with multiple parties and the use of escrow accounts.

Mentorship logistics

This intense, one-day workshop is limited to twelve participants, enabling Rebekah to support each founder to craft a capital raising strategy for their business. Rebekah delivers the course in person, weaving in real-life examples from her time raising Angel and VC funding in Australia and Silicon Valley. This course contains a lot of discussion, as well as individual and group exercises. The workshop is held in an awesome large boardroom in the CBD and runs from 9:00am – 5:00pm with short breaks. Lunch and morning tea are provided.

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10 Reviews
Rebecca Grainger, Founder, Triiyo
I really enjoyed Rebekah's honesty, the volume of work we went through and the chance to practice our pitch and get feedback. Great workshop with valuable content and knowledge shared from someone who's been through multiple capital raises. Highly recommend

Adam Di Marco, Managing Director, Di Marco Group
The fact the presenter had 'done it' before contributed greatly to the practicality of the course

Iman Davamoni, Founder & CEO, Purely Polished
Rebekah was open and honest with her experiences in raising capital. This gave us real life examples, ones in which can be easily applied to the process ourselves. I would highly recommend anyone looking to raise funding to attend, you'll be provided with valuable guidance and extremely useful tips from someone who has in-depth knowledge and know-how!

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

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