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How To Build A Powerful Personal Brand | Zambesi

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How To Build A Powerful Personal Brand

Fleur Brown | Founding Team TEDxSydney

Course overview:

Personal brand is central to professional success. This workshop provides you with tools to turn your passions and knowledge into authentic thought leadership. You’ll learn how to build and leverage your profile to amplify and support the growth of your organisation, attract new business and further your career.

Course outcomes:

  • Identify clear personal and promotional objectives and map out a plan that will achieve those goals.
  • Understand what makes great content. Identify your signature topic, develop your voice and learn how to establish yourself as a thought leader.
  • Create and/or edit an ideal professional bio for use across all your personal brand endeavours.
  • Set-up and leverage online networks that are relevant to you including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Medium to amplify your message. You will leave this workshop with everything in place and a road map for maintaining a powerful social presence
  • Learn how to attract and deliver relevant speaking engagements.
  • Understand how media works and how to position yourself as a go to person for journalists.
  • Understand how to leverage your personal brand to support your professional career objectives.
  • Learn how to protect your personal and professional reputation online and navigate the social landscape without compromising your professional or your personal identity

This course is suitable for:

  • Corporate executives looking to enhance their profile and secure a more senior position.
  • Partners and associates who understand the importance of personal brand to attract and retain business.
  • Executives with ‘business development’ as a key part of their role.
  • Business owners and founders looking to raise the profile of their business for customer growth, recruitment or capital raising.
  • Employees who want to better support and amplify the messages of their organisation.
  • Professionals looking to transition careers or organisations and need to elevate their profile or build a bridge to a different position.

About the expert

Fleur Brown is a founding team member of TEDxSydney, Founder of PR agency LaunchGroup. During the past twenty years she has worked closely with the C-suite of Australia’s leading brands and helped them to position themselves as thought leaders on the Australian and international speaking circuit and deliver powerful keynote addresses. Fleur has represented and commissioned many of Australia’s most highly sought after speakers including presenters with TED.com, TEDx, the Olympic Games, the Winter Olympics, Commonwealth Games, the Seven Network, ABC Television and FOXTEL's Multi Channel Network. She is a high-profile commentator on personal brand and a trained presenter and lecturer.

Mentorship curriculum

Module 1: Define your goals

  • Why do you need to raise your profile?
  • What benefits can flow from this for you and/or your current business brand?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Some achievable 12-month targets
  • Understand your strengths, boundaries and natural limitations

Module 2: Build a great bio - the cornerstone of personal brand 

  • Review some successful case studies 
  • Select the right photo
  • Summarise your expertise in a compelling way
  • Use your bio to build a bridge to the 'future you'
  • Describe yourself using the language of impact and influence
  • Identify where the long and short versions of your bio need to be used

Module 3: Find your signature topic(s)

  • Examples of great profiles, which are built on thought leadership, not 'selling'
  • Map the topics where your expertise and experience meets your passion
  • Map the competition - then create a fresh conversation
  • Identify 3-5 ways of bringing the topic or theme to life across channels such as speeches, articles, white papers, media, website, blog or social posts

Module 4: Set up your online channels 

  • An overview of key social channels and how and when to use each
  • Upgrade your LinkedIn profile in class and learn future tips and tricks
  • Set-up or upgrade your Twitter channel
  • Set-up your Medium channel
  • Create a plan for Facebook (if appropriate)
  • Plan a personal website (if appropriate) or contribute to your company website content 

Module 5: Create great content

  • Identify and track what your target audience is interested in
  • Create an outline (participants can work on a speech or presentation, an article or blog post or a white paper)
  • How to identify and use your authentic voice
  • Tricks for getting your content finished
  • When to bring in a third-party professional or editor

Module 6: Find your forums

  • How to get more gigs on the paid and unpaid speaking circuit
  • How and when to consider publishing a paper or a book
  • Is your content right for media?
  • How to contact and use the media as a channel
  • Establishing a plan – how often should you self-publish content via blogs / website etc?

Conclusion: Bringing it all together into a 12-month content plan

Mentorship logistics

This one-day workshop is limited to twelve participants, enabling Fleur to facilitate one-on-one and group feedback as you develop your unique personal brand. This course is interactive and involves doing the work to set up your brand on the day. Participants need to bring a laptop computer. The workshop is held in an awesome large boardroom in the CBD and runs from 9.30 am– 5.00 pm with short breaks. Lunch and morning tea is provided.

Application Info

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May Onwards
6 Reviews
Grace Kim, Artistic Director of Concert Series
Professional, friendly and respectful environment - Fleur was very generous with her wealth of knowledge and the group dynamic was fantastic. I gained a great deal!

Ana Neves, Freelance Journalist
I enjoyed the content value and outline of the course. I also enjoyed the intimacy of the bespoke workshop, collaboration and sharing of insights. The course structure is concise and interactive.

Christopher Zinn, Director Campaigns & Communications at Determined Consumer
There can be a lot of waffle on this subject but delighted and energised by no nonsense and concise strategies to define, refine and outline the core elements of one's own 'brand.' The take homes and follow up opportunities really add value

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

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