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Mahesh Muralidhar | Head of People Operations at Airtasker
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27 February, SYD
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4 Reviews
Emer McCann, People and Culture at Deputy
Mahesh gave us an amazing framework to structure the employee journey and practical tips and tools to help us in what we need to achieve.

Lucy Chisholm, Human Resources at EventBrite
Mahesh was an engaging facilitator with great insight and experience. I also loved the interaction amongst the group, and feel that I was able to learn a lot from others and their experience.

Leigh Dunlop, People and Culture at FutureSuper
I really appreciated the opportunity to ask Mahesh questions about challenges I am facing personally in the business - while his content was really engaging, it was the small size of the course that set it apart from other training programs I've been on

Course overview:

Learn how the best high-growth companies attract and motivate talent. Mahesh Muralidhar is head of People Operations at Airtasker and is regarded as one of the Australian startup industry’s most sought after people leaders. He led People Operations at Canva from a small initial team to a company of more than 200 across three offices. In this interactive Human Resources workshop, you’ll learn how companies like Airtasker and Canva source and select great talent and build a culture that is highly productive, creative and engaging. You’ll identify quick wins and build a long-term tangible plan to develop the culture your business needs to succeed.

Course outcomes:

  • A right fight recruitment strategy to source, select and onboard great talent.
  • How to develop powerful company cultures that attract and motivate talent to win.
  • Insights into your existing culture and develop plans to build the culture your business needs.
  • Understand how the leadership structure affects the broader culture and performance.
  • An understanding of the different HR systems and what is best suited to your stage of growth.
  • Tools to help flex your people strategy and drive productivity.
  • An overview of how to design best fit employee policies and guidelines that motivate rather than restrain your people.
  • An understanding of people analytics and the indicators that help assess your company’s health.
  • Techniques for giving and receiving feedback and improving communication within your organisation.

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Leaders and Human Resources (HR) professionals in funded startups and scaleups
  • Leaders in larger corporates and enterprises who would like to learn how high-growth technology startups approach recruitment, engagement and culture

About the expert

Mahesh Muralidhar is the Head of People Operations at Airtasker. With a post grad qualification in organisational change, Mahesh has work across the people space in professional services and large corporates. Post exiting his own startup, Mahesh joined Canva and established the People and Culture function. In 2016 Canva was named ‘Best place to work’ by Job Advisor. He is passionate about delivering a fantastic employee experience through data driven techniques and practising design thinking.

Workshop curriculum

Module 1: Organisational structure and what is culture

  • A deeper understanding of what culture and how it impacts revenue and costIdentifying the key drivers of your culture, how has it changed and how will it change
  • Evaluate your company’s current culture and what you would like it to be
  • Case studies of culture at top high growth startups
  • Techniques to achieve quick wins to improve your company culture
  • Develop a long-term plan with steps you can action immediately

Module 2: How recruitment affects company performance and how to set it up for success

  • What does best fit talent look like?
  • What is a good recruitment process?
  • Interview training - how to set your team up to interview well
  • The recruitment ecosystem and how to source the best talent
  • How to work with vendors, overview of different distribution channels What is your employer brand and why it is important?

Module 3: Leadership, accountability and performance

  • As a leader in your business, what is your role and responsibility?
  • How does your leadership team change, when and why?
  • Performance management - how do people know what they are accountable for?
  • Setting up good communication channels and setting up a pro feedback culture
  • Develop a culture of collaboration and learning. How to continually upskill your team on a low budget.

Module 4: People analytics, incentive architecture, decision making and diversity

  • Understand the value of diversity, how to promote diversity in your teams and decision making
  • Overview of current HR systems, when to invest into them based on the different stages of growth
  • Designing HR policy and guidelines to motivate your people and how these change will as you grow
  • What are the people numbers that you should be aware of and what should they be?
  • What is behavioural economics and how can you nudge behaviours

Workshop logistics

This is a one-day workshop and is limited to twelve participants, enabling us to focus on your business. Mahesh delivers the course in person, weaving in real-life examples from his time in professional services, corporations, own startup, Canva and Airtasker. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions specific to their business objectives by email in the week leading up to the workshop and Mahesh will personalize the content and exercises to address everyone’s goals. At the end of the course you will walk away with a clear plan that you will be able to implement.. This workshop is held in an awesome boardroom in the CBD and runs from 9am – 5pm with short breaks. Lunch and morning tea is provided. 

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