High Performance Habits

Jamie Pride | Author & Former CEO Realestate.com


High Performance Habits: increase your performance and productivity without burning out

with Jamie Pride, Former CEO Realestate.com, author of Unicorn Tears: Why startups fail


Course overview


The difference between moderate success and remarkable success often isn’t just skills - it’s the person’s ability to perform at their peak for sustained periods of time. The best business leaders are able to optimize their creativity, remain focussed and avoid distraction whilst prioritising wellbeing and health. In this one-day intensive, you’ll learn to adopt the personal habits and operating rhythms of the most successful CEOs, increase your personal capacity, become a great leader, and live a career you love.


Program outcomes


- Complete a executive capacity assessment that baselines your current levels across physical, mental and emotional indicators and examines your current productivity and energy management practices.

- Learn key time management and personal organisation techniques to focus on maximising your energy and getting your biggest projects done.

- Learn tips and hacks for dealing with distractions and managing your progress.

- Understand the importance of building capacity; learn to enhance your performance and productivity whilst managing stress and prioritising your long-term health.

- Create important habits to enable you to make good decisions, remain calm in challenging situations, stay focussed and achieve your career goals.


This workshop is suitable for


- Business owners, entrepreneurs and their teams who want to make better decisions, stay focussed on the right things, get more done and manage the stress of growing a business. - Executives who want to enhance their performance, productivity and overall wellbeing.


About the expert


Jamie Pride is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur and former CEO of Realestate.com.au. Jamie has more than 20 years experience in leadership positions with international technology and digital media organisations including Salesforce, Veritas and Cisco. He has founded six-technology startups including Leteo which sold to New York based Bluewolf and REFIND which listed on the ASX in 2015. Jamie is author of best-selling ‘Unicorn Tears: Why Startups Fail & How to Avoid It’. He is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve greatness and maintain healthy and enjoyable lives.


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