Essential Cybersecurity For Business Leaders

Craig Davies | Former Head of Security Atlassian

Course overview:

This one-day cybersecurity intensive provides non-technical business leaders with an understanding of cybercrime and why it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ for your company. You’ll explore real world examples to learn who the offenders are, their motivations and what strategies they could use to attack your business. This is an engaging, hands-on program; you’ll learn what practical plans and procedures to put in place at each stage of a company’s growth and role play scenarios for what to do when you’re hit.

Course outcomes: 

  • Understand the attack market. What trends are emerging and map threats to your business.
  • Learn 3 questions every executive and board should ask. Understand what your security function should look like.
  • Develop a plan to evolve your security procedures as your company grows and what is practical to put in place at your stage of business.
  • Develop an incident response plan to react to different types of cyber attacks (Ransomware, DDOS, fraud, identity theft,compromised data etc) and how to contain the blast radius when you’re hit.
  • Consider your legal and regulatory obligations and how new regulations (GDPR and NDB) impact your business.
  • Learn how companies can turn security into a brand asset that supports the growth of their businesses.

This workshop is suitable for: 

  • C-level executives, founders and business owners who want to understand how cybercrime can impact their businesses and what they can do about it.
  • Company directors, investors and advisors whoneed to understand the risks of cyber crime and support their companies to put in place best-practice plans and procedures.
  • Non-technical team members who need to understand the threats that cyber crime can pose to individuals and businesses, and the importance of educating teams about what to look out for and planning to mitigate the risks

About the expert

Craig Davies is former CEO for the Federal Government’s Australian Cybersecurity Growth Network, former Head of Security at Atlassian and Chief Security Officer at Cochlear. He has spent more than twenty years in cybersecurity working in a number of fields including infrastructure operations, security architecture, website development and operations. As the first CEO of AustCyber, Craig negotiated agreements with States and Territories to establish innovation notes across the country and set out a plan to make Australia a global force in the cybersecurity market. At Atlassian, Craig developed and led the security program to support all aspects of Atlassian’s business including product security, cloud operations and the protection of Atlassian itself. Craig is a passionate supporter of Australia’s startup ecosystem and has advised companies including Bugcrowd and Deckee.

Mentorship curriculum

Module 1: Cybercrime. What is it, and what should you be looking out for?

  • State of the attack market
  • Current risks and trends
  • Regulations and your business
  • What are your targets?
  • Exercise: Mapping threats to your business

Module 2: 101 and Basics - What is your state of readiness

  • Keeping informed on the state of your company 3 Questions Boards and Executives should ask Who is accountable inside your company
  • Hiring, skills and building a team
  • Exercise: What should your security function look like?

Module 3: Readiness for an attack - Developing Plans and Actions

  • Why plan and who gets involved
  • How would you know when to enact the plan? Developing a plan and testing
  • Exercise: War Game - You’ve been hacked, what now?

Module 4: Turning Security into a business advantage

  • Why Trust matters
  • Turning your approach into a product offering
  • Enabling all your team to be part of the solution
  • Exercise: Security awareness that doesn’t suck

Mentorship logistics

This cybersecurity workshop is one day and is limited to twelve participants, enabling us to focus on your business. Craig delivers the course in person,weaving in real-life examples from his experience working with a range of large and small Australian companies including Atlassian and Cochlear. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions particular to their business objective by email in the week leading up to the workshop and Craig will personalize the content and exercises to address everyone’s goals. At the end of the course you will walkaway with a clear plan that you will be able to implement immediately. This workshop is held in an awesome boardroom, in the CBD and runs from 9am– 5pm with short breaks. Lunch and morning tea is provided. 

Application Info

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May Onwards
3 Reviews
Kym Welsby, Regional Director, APAC Clearswift, RUAG Cyber Security
Craig gave a number of very useful real world examples of how cyber security culture and processes can be promoted within an organisation.

Paula Billington, Chief of Operations, Flexcareers
The small group setting was conducive to learning and interaction and the real world examples provided made it meaningful.

Geoff Pidcock, Data and Analytics Lead, Jayride
What was excellent about this program is how Craig walked us through his strategy, his management and his selling of a security program

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

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