Email Marketing That Converts

Karina May | Email Marketing Specialist, Showpo, Coco Republic, Pet Circle

Course overview

Email is still the killer app. Used correctly, email should have the highest ROI of any marketing channel. Karina May is one of Australia’s leading email automation consultants and April Murphy leads email campaigns at Showpo - an eCommerce business whose $100M + annual revenue is largely driven by email campaigns.  

This 4-hour email marketing course, with both Karina and April, is designed for marketers and business builders.  You’ll learn how the best technology companies use email to supercharge their growth.  You’ll walk away having developed a strategy to build your database, you’ll know how to segment and automate your campaigns, gain a tonne of tips for improving deliverability and conversion, understand how to create content to engage your audience and be armed with a strategy to turn email into one of your biggest earners.

Course outcomes

  • Learn tactics for growing your email list: turn social followers into subscribers, work with strategic partners and drive sign-ups from your website.
  • Develop best-practice content for your emails; use content to establish a long-term connection to your audience. You’ll learn how to create emails that get forwarded - often resulting in >100% open rate.
  • Ensure your emails get delivered, cut through inbox clutter and increase your open rate.
  • Understand the key automation sequences every online business must have in place and how to simplify and speed up implementation.
  • Learn to integrate email campaigns with your broader digital marketing and social media strategy to increase sales conversions and deliver a consistent marketing experience.

This course is suitable for:

  • Marketing managers, agency executives and consultants looking to understand how the fastest growing technology companies are using email as the killer app.
  • Digital content producers looking to understand how to create engaging email content that sells.
  • Founders and business owners who want to use email to more effectively drive leads and revenue. Note that founders attending this program should already have a broad understanding of digital marketing and should have developed customer funnels for their business.

About the experts

Karina May is an email marketing automation specialist. She has a decade of experience helping businesses implement powerful automated email campaigns that drive sales. Karina has developed and implemented email marketing strategies for Showpo, Pet Circle, Coco Republic and Service Seeking. She’s a big believer that email is an underutilised channel and when done well boasts the highest ROI. Karina knows when to push the boundaries (to keep an edge on competitors) and when to tow the line and is ready to bring this knowledge to your business. Karina is often interviewed as an email strategist on various podcasts and conferences.

April Murphy is regarded as a leader of the next generation of email marketers. She developed the email marketing function at a holiday marketplace in London and has spent the past two years leading email strategy at Showpo. April has a deep understanding of how young audiences engage with email and social. She is passionate about harnessing the power of CRM to understand customers purchasing patterns at a granular level, target customers at the right time, and use automated funnels to increase conversion and revenue.

Mentorship curriculum

Module 1 (Set Up & Database Acquisition):

  • Selecting the right ESP
  • Checklist for migration and optimal deliverability
  • Data field mapping and future considerations
  • Increasing opt-in rates via pop-ups, giveaways & non-discount lead magnets
  • Growing your list using paid/organic social media and Facebook messenger bots

Module 2 (Best Practice & Epic Storytelling):

  • Utilising your USP and brand story
  • Creating engaging content that converts
  • Best practice templates, subject lines and CTAs
  • AB testing the right way
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Module 3 (Campaign Creation):

  • Unlocking the power of automation 
  • Using personalisation effectively
  • Key campaigns needed to drive revenue
  • Designing an email marketing strategy for fast growth
  • Building loyalty and retention for scale

Mentorship logistics

This is a 4 hour workshop limited to twenty participants, enabling Karina and April to focus on your business. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions specific to their business objectives by email in the week leading up to the workshop and Karina and April will personalize the content and exercises to address everyone’s goals.  At the end of the course you will walk away with a clear plan that you will be able to implement. This workshop is held in an awesome boardroom in the Sydney CBD and runs from 9am –1pm with short breaks. Morning tea is provided.

Application Info

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May Onwards
4 Reviews
Mark Baartse, CMO, Showpo
I've worked with Karina to take our email and other direct channels to the next level. Karina is great at identifying opportunities and then executing them, taking full ownership from concept to finished product. She makes my life easier!

Juvita Janto, Marketing Director at Pet Circle
Karina worked with speed to build some of our customer communication journeys whilst quickly gained understanding of our business, our audience and worked through our internal process. She was also great in translating technical requirements with our product team. It's been invaluable getting her insights and expertise.

Jessica Ruisan, Art Director at Professional Beauty Solutions
Karina was incredibly knowledgeable in understanding the e-commerce process and informative in tailoring it to our needs. It was an extra bonus when I found out she's also a GENIUS copywriter. She just ‘got’ it straight away which is so refreshing as it's often hard to find people who actually know what they're doing.

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

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