Coaching for Growth

Claire Hatton | Cofounder, Full Potential Labs

Course overview

Coaching for Growth is an experiential learning workshop, integrating neuroscience and psychology with tried and tested coaching methodologies, that teaches and coaches leaders to become great coaches of their teams. You’ll take a journey from understanding how your brain works, to being aware of the power of your own habits and your effect on others, to then learning remarkably effective tools and coaching techniques you can use every day to be a better leader and have more engaged and productive teams. You will also leave with tools and frameworks you will find valuable on your leadership journeys.

Why Coaching for Growth

As a company grows, complexity increases. Managers can become the bottleneck, feeling like they should have all the answers. Coaching will allow you to have more transformative conversations with your team to help them tap into their own skills and experience and to prioritize what will be most impactful.

Being able to empower your team to “do and contribute” more will increase everyone’s velocity. Coaching will allow you to help your teams with the “how” to do this. A coaching approach is one of the best ways to embed learning, increase team member skills, capabilities and satisfaction leading to optimum performance. This will impact business results and increase productivity.

Coaching will provide you with frameworks, tools and discipline to support your team with their careers, skills and confidence. In addition, you’ll feel more capable and confident giving feedback to help your teams improve.

Course outcomes

  • An understanding of the fundamental issue leaders face in scaling their impact and how what worked for you in the past is probably the thing holding you back now

  • An appreciation of brain basics that impact learning, fight or flight response and how habits form

  • The components and practice of world class coaching and when to coach someone vs using other methods such as directing, mentoring, teaching etc.

  • The skills to actively listen to create transformational rather than transactional relationships  

  • The tools and methods for diagnosing and focusing on coaching issues

  • How to provide impactful feedback using the SBI model and a coaching approach

This workshop is suitable for

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who are building teams and need to scale their impact
  • Managers who want to learn how to more strategic and impactful by empowering their teams.
  • Individuals who want to build more transformative relationships with their teams, their stakeholder and/or their customers.

About the expert

Claire Hatton is Co-Founder of Full Potential Labs, a next gen leadership development company. She has developed and led global coaching programs for Google, Twitter, Salesforce and Pinterest, among others. Claire is also a Non-Executive Director of 3PLearning, an ASX listed EdTech company and co-host of the Don’t Stop Us Now! podcast. Prior to starting Full Potential Labs, Claire led large teams across Asia Pacific and most recently was on the Google Leadership team for 7 years as Sales Director.  Claire is an accredited coach and has a passion for the brain which led to her studying Neuroscience with the NeuroLeadership Group.

Mentorship curriculum

Module 1: The fundamental issue Managers face

  • Learn why what you’ve done in the past, probably won’t work anymore
  • Gain an understanding of the neural processes that impact learning, fight or flight and how habits form.
  • Why coaching works
  • Understanding your worst habits

Module 2: What does world class coaching look like?

  • What is coaching?
  • The two key skills of great coaches
  • Are you really listening? How to listen better.
  • What makes a great coaching question and why
  • The GROW coaching process
  • When does coaching work best? Using the Skill/Will Matrix.

Module 3: How to provide impactful feedback

  • The three different types of feedback
  • Introducing the SBI framework
  • How to use SBI with a coaching approach

Module 4: Putting all together

  • What’s your action plan?
  • How to integrate coaching into your day to day
  • The key to changing your habits

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Do you have a question about this mentorships or would like to enquire about group packages?

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