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Stephen Scheeler | Zambesi

Stephen Scheeler

Former ANZ CEO Facebook
Leadership, Disruption, Transformation 
This expert is available for in-house training, one-on-one coaching, keynote and talks, consulting and implementation support.

Stephen Scheeler is former CEO of Facebook in Australia and New Zealand, where he led Facebook’s unprecedented rise from quirky Silicon Valley start-up to media and technology titan.

Leading Facebook’s ANZ team and working with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, Stephen guided Facebook’s business including Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp and Oculus, through one of the most dynamic periods of growth and disruption in ANZ’s business history. His tenure at Facebook saw the business grow from zero to more than $1B in annual revenue, and became the most successful Facebook market in the world. In 2015, Stephen was appointed a member of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Knowledge Nation 100, top innovation leaders in Australia.


Public Workshops

Stephen leads a one-day ‘Disruptive Digital Leadership’ workshop that focuses on the eight elements of disruptive leadership which every business leader must master in order to thrive in the digital era: vision, humility, curiosity, adaptability, transparency, data dexterity, customer obsession and speed.


In-house training

Stephen delivers his Disruptive Digital Leadership workshop in house and has undertaken engagements with NAB, Australia Taxation Office, Bunnings Warehouse, PWC, Startup Grind Melbourne, Macquarie Bank and AMP.


Coaching and consulting 

Stephen is available for coaching and consulting engagements ranging between 2 hours and two days

  • Strategy and action: Whether it comes from technology, competitors or customers, disruption is now business as usual. Stephen helps you rethink your strategy in the face of disruptive change to defend against emerging threats and capture new opportunities. He will then work with you to turn strategy into action

  • Culture, organisation and peopleIn the digital age, the culture you build matters more than ever. Attracting great talent, moving fast and mastering disruption all require a fundamentally new approach to people, organisation and culture. Drawing on deep cultural insights from inside Facebook and other disruptive leaders, Stephen will bring profound change to your culture, organisation and approach to people - all to help you become the agile, innovative disruptor you need to be to win in the digital age

  • Leadership: The most challenging area of change in the digital age lies in the demands placed on business leaders. It’s no longer enough to have a command of financials, strategy, operations and people - today’s leaders also need expertise in technology, data, analytics and the ever-changing demands of digital native consumers and employees.

  • Reputation: It’s more challenging than ever to monitor, measure and proactively shape the digital reputations of your company, your brands, your leaders and your employees. Stephen offers a range of services to help your company avoid reputational crisis, repair reputational damage and keep your digital reputation firmly under control

  • Media assurance: Return on marketing investment is a critical component in the growth of an organisation as well as it’s ongoing ability to compete. Understanding how and why the marketing investment has been spent is only the beginning with the real value being driven by understanding how the investment can be optimised in the future. Stephen can help you maximise your investment across all channels including; traditional channels, digital channel, internal and external resourcing, sponsorship and new media channels.


Keynote talks and topics

Stephen is available for formal keynote presentations and informal lunch and learn sessions

  • Leadership: Stephen shares his personal insights into the secrets of great leadership in the 21st century. From ‘disruptive’ Silicon Valley giant Facebook to “traditional” corporate titans, Stephen draws on his unparalleled leadership experience to offer a provocative and unique prescription for leaders of small and large businesses.

  • Trust: Data breaches, phishing attacks, fake news, election hacking...many of today’s headlines share a common underpinning: the profound technology-driven changes in our understanding of who we can trust. Stephen offers both a Silicon Valley insider’s views on the current revolution in the trust sweeping business and society, and practical advice for how individuals and organisations can manage trust in this new hyper-connected world.

  • The Future Disruption: How Facebook and the tech giants think about innovation, where they are placing their bets for the future - and, most importantly, what all this means for the future of consumers, business and society.

  • Leading Millennials: Stephen demystifies the millennial phenomenon and shares his personal lessons in cross-generational leadership: What does it take to successfully lead a millennial workforce - especially if you are not a millenial yourself? How can leaders learn to adapt their leadership style to tap into the enthusiasm, curiosity and ambition of millenials? What are the ‘bad habits’ of old-school leaders which will lead to ineffectual teams, dysfunctional culture and corporate failure?

  • Millennial Consumers: An inside Silicon Valley perspective on how to think about digital-first consumers and how to build brands, products and services that serve their unique behaviours and needs. He will reveal true, actionable insights about both digital-first consumers and the business capabilities you need in order to reach, capture and retain them.

  • Teams: Stephen reveals the secrets of team success at Facebook and the tech giants: how teams form and determine where to focus, how teams set goals and track progress, how teams share information among themselves and with other teams, how to maintain their intensity and momentum, how they rapidly pivot when required and how the best teams should be small enough to be fed with only two pizzas!  

  • The Facebook Story: What makes Facebook tick, how the company makes decisions, how it nurtures its famous “move fast and break things” culture, how it drives innovation and disruption and what Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook leaders really do to maintain Facebook’s explosive growth - even in the face of front-page controversy

  • Startups & Entrepreneurship: Stephen brings to life the daily excitement of living and working in Zuckerberg’s orbit, Facebook’s ground-breaking approach to building a disruptive culture, the strengths and shortcomings of the Zuck approach and what every entrepreneur can borrow for their own business from the Facebook way

  • Digital Media & Marketing: Stephen diagnoses he aliments afflicting “mass brands” in the digital age. He highlights how data, analytics and technology are disrupting big brands once-reliable playbook for reaching customers and selling products - and how social media, subscription video, mobile commerce, Amazon, AI, home delivery and voice assistance are combining to form a toxic witch’s brew for traditional brand leaders, while opening up new opportunities for nimble, data-driven, digital-first upstarts.

  • Technology & Business: How Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook are reshaping competition for every business on earth. Between them, they are in the race to become the world’s first trillion-dollar company. Stephen takes audiences inside the rise of the tech titans, digging deeper into the secret sauce that makes them rick and reviling how competition has changed for businesses everywhere due to the global platforms they have created.

  • Amazon: What Amazon’s arrival means for every Australian business and consumer,  how Amazon will reshape the consumer experience and how Australian businesses will need to change in order to survive and thrive in an Amazonian future.

  • Data: How data, analytics and AI will transform the customer experience and the basis of competition in dozens of industries - from consumer products and retail to banking, media, education and travel.

  • Leadership In A Digital Age: Stephen shares his personal journey as Facebook CEO and distills important and practical advice for business leaders of all stripes - small entrepreneurs to Fortune 500’s CEO’s.

  • Innovative Culture: How the Silicon Valley giants meticulously nurture a high-impact, innovative culture - from their unique approach to leadership, management, talent development, work-life integration, mission, vision and values.

3 Reviews
Nigel S Parker, Product Manager, Eftpos
I thought that Stephen provided some great insights and opinions on running a digital company and leading younger people with less life experience, but maybe more specialized digital experience. He offered succinct, practical advice that could be easily utilized and implemented. His presentation style was open, friendly and engaging.

Penny Palmer, Series Producer, ABC
The small group size meant we had the chance to hear from others about their experiences across extremely diverse businesses. The small group size also meant we were able to engage in conversation with Stephen rather than just being lectured at.

Natalie Goldman, CEO, Flexcareers
Stephen was very knowledgeable and I found the workshop to be of great value.

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