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Kathryn Ritchie | Zambesi

Kathryn Ritchie

Founder and CEO, Ignition Institute
Business Strategy, Development and Growth
This expert is available for in-house training, one-on-one coaching, keynote and talks, consulting and implementation support.

Dr. Kathryn Ritchie, CEO, and Founder of Ignition Institute (formerly KR Strategy), is a world-renowned strategic advisor and facilitator serving clients in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Working with organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 Companies, Dr. Ritchie enables people to do their best and enables leaders to shape and create environments where people thrive and grow.

Kathryn is passionate about business and people and it is this passion that shaped Ignition Institute, an international strategy execution firm specialising in performance-optimisation through strategy clarification and aligned execution. “In our experience, enough clarity, enough cohesion, & enough disciple are at the core of execution efficacy”, says Dr. Ritchie. “Enabling leaders to understand what holds their organizations back as well as what is at their fingertips to unleash, this is what inspires us”.


In-house training

Kathryn delivers an in-house workshop focusing on a three-stage iterative process designed to produce outcomes with unapologetic reliability. The three-stages include;

  • Stage 1: Immersion: Strategy Execution Assessment - principal consultants interview key members of your leadership team for 45-60 minutes. Pattern-reading and other powerful neuro processes are employed to explore and empower team dynamic, understand external/internal forces, and set the stage for the Ignition Room.
  • Stage 2: Ignition Room - A intensive strategy room session with the leadership team to establish mission, vision, strategy, outcomes, critical-path, and milestones—all in the service of accountability. The team leaves with a fully documented account of the way forward, the 12-month to 5-year strategy execution model, and the language to communicate the full vision company-wide.
  • Stage 3: Lock-In and Impact - The strategic plan architecture is loaded into a customized software platform as well as a physical strategy war room designed to drive the execution, hold team leaders to account, communicate with complete transparency to all key people, and provide frictionless reporting to leadership in real-time. Clarity, cohesion, and discipline are employed in unison to ratify, iterate, and ensure that your desired outcomes are achieved and maintained over time.


Coaching and consulting

Kathryn is available for coaching and consulting engagements specialising in the following areas:

  • Aligning teams & organizations to execute against existing and new strategy
  • Corporate turnaround
  • Merger & acquisition integration
  • Clarifying strategy
  • Revenue &/or share price decline
  • Sales & revenue growth
  • Leadership transition
  • Culture alignment
  • New market entry
  • Change management
  • Leadership development - action-oriented, aligned to execution
  • Growth
  • Sustainability

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Jake Schwatrz, CEO & Cofounder, General Assembly
General Assembly is appreciative of the ongoing partnership and strategic support it has received from Dr. Kathryn Ritchie and Ignition Institute over many years

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