Jon Yeo

Cofounder of TEDXMelbourne
Communication, Public Speaking
Jon Yeo
Jon Yeo is the founder of TEDX Melbourne
This expert is available for in-house training, one-on-one coaching, keynote and talks, consulting and implementation support.

Jon Yeo has helped hundreds of TEDX speakers create inspiring moments on the TEDX Stage. Jon has used his unique expertise from TED to create this curated workshop to share his learnings and experience with the Zambesi community. He is passionate about social enterprise, startups, creating inspiring communities and empowering people to be successful by communicating their ideas. Jon is high energy, full of enthusiasm and encouragement and delights in being able to help people become confident presenters and influencers.


Public workshops

Jon delivers a one day 'Persuasive Communication' workshop designed to turn you into an expert communicator who can win new business, attract capital, or get a promotion. You’ll learn techniques to engage and persuade an audience and deliver clear, authentic and powerful presentations. You’ll get personal coaching and feedback from the founder of TEDxMelbourne and the skills you’ll develop will impact your one-one-one conversations and your ability to command a public forum.


In-house training

Jon has delivered 3 hour to 3 month programs to help CEO’s and Senior Leadership craft strategic messages, announcements and speeches that connect and engage. Current and past clients include NAB, Princess Cruises, Commonwealth Bank, SAP and Australia Post


Coaching and consulting

Jon is available for coaching and consulting engagements ranging between 2 hours and three days.

  • Pitch or speech review: Last minute or talk review/refresh for a key announcement

  • Topic development: Use a repeatable methodology to find an angle or position that connects with audiences in a meaningful way

  • Leadership development: Identify and develop communication skills for senior staff 

  • Team building: Enable cross team development and engagement through strategic announcement


Keynote talks and topics

Jon is available for formal keynote presentations and informal lunch and learn sessions  

  • The Leader’s Edge: Understand the fundamentals of great communication and how it can be used to quickly and emphatically engage with prospects, clients and team members

  • Why Brands fail to connect and engage: How do you build a brand story and quickly connects your “why” with the products and services you provide. How do you build trust? How do you simplify abstract or highly complex content into a short, engaging sound bite?



  • Speech editing and design to fit specific audience types or event types

  • Speaker skills review: body language, vocal tone, speed and pitch

  • Team and individual workshops


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