Jared Codling

Growth Hacker
Growth, Marketing, Startup, Growth Hacks, Split Testing
Jared Codling
Jared Codling is a growth hacker who has developed the growth strategies of several highly regarded startups.
This expert is available for in-house training, one-on-one coaching, keynote and talks, consulting and implementation support.

Jared is the growth-hacking mentor for Slingshot, Australia’s largest startup accelerator. In 2016, Jared launched exceeded $1m in revenue within the first 11 months of co-founding a fitness brand. Other notable achievements include: - Reaching 70,000 comments on one Facebook post for $100 ad spend (post reached 3% of Australians) - Got the #1 article on TechCrunch during the launch of a startup, leading to an 8-figure valuation - Ran a viral competition for a gym, resulting in $96k in revenue in 3 days, from $127 ad spend - Built a leading growth hacking membership course, New Hack Every Week, used by almost 100 of the top growth hackers around the world - many of which have 8 and 9 figure companies.

3 Reviews
Michael Tan, Head of Growth, Flexcareers
Jared was amazing. He was generous in sharing his knowledge and delivered it well. It was a great mix of theory and practical tips.

Beth d'Apice, Consultant
Jared was an impressive speaker who kept our attention for the entire day. He was very generous with the quality of the information he shared with us. We each left with customised strategies that we could immediately implement in our businesses.

Andy Hein, Founder, ORGANISSE
Detailed and step-by-step instructions on how to perform some of the social media hacks are very useful. For someone who is not familiar with social media advertising, this is a whole new world and opened up new ideas.

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