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Hiam Sakakini | Zambesi

Hiam Sakakini

Former Head of Leadership Development, Google
Change Management, Leadership, Culture
This expert is available for in-house training, one-on-one coaching, keynote and talks, consulting and implementation support.

Hiam Sakakini is a Change Management specialist who has focused her career learning what great companies, teams and successful leaders do differently.

Hiam has spent 14 years working with Fortune 500 companies in various roles including 10 years with Google in Ireland, Australia and Asia Pacific.

At Google, Hiam lived and breathed the unique experience of how technology changes industries and how to navigate that change successfully through your people. She developed a range of strategic initiatives and most recently led the leadership training of thousands of Google Managers across 14 countries in Asia Pacific.


Public workshops

Hiam runs a one-day 'Leading Innovation' workshop, which arms project leaders, sponsors and emerging professional talent with tools to create a culture of innovation, develop great customer centric ideas, win team buy-in and engage stakeholders on a journey to implement projects without compromising or watering down the vision. 


In-house training

Hiam runs her 'Leading Innovation' workshop in house for a number of corporates and small businesses. 


Coaching and consulting

Hiam is available for coaching and consulting engagements ranging from half a day to three days. She will work with you to help your people reach their full potential and equip you with the tools to embed what you've learnt. Hiam wants to empower organisations and their people and culture to evolve to the very best versions of themselves. 


Keynote talks and topics

  • The Future of Work: Who will be in the workplace and the trends new generations will bring with them that we need to adapt to, how we will be working and the effect of automation on the types of jobs we'll be doing, where and the shift from permanent 9-5 at an office to hot-desking at a co-sharing space, the blurring of the work and home environment, when we will be working and the impact of the 'always on' workforce on mental health 

  • Top 5 Mistakes: Mistakes are the key to our successes. It is a cliche told time after time. But there is a reason why cliches are cliches. It is because they hold truths that are universally felt and understood 

  • Diversity In Business: Hiam is passionate about making a difference especially for those with a disability, further demonstrated through her board member role within Cerebral Palsy Alliance, mentoring HealthTech startups through remarkable, innovation workforce collaboration with NDS and being selected as an audience member of Q&A's disability special. 

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