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Fleur Brown | Zambesi

Fleur Brown

Founding Team TEDxSydney
Personal Brand, Public Speaking
This expert is available for in-house training, one-on-one coaching, keynote and talks, consulting and implementation support.

Fleur Brown is the Founder of PR Agency Launch Group, Founder and Executive Producer of Entrepreneurs TV and part of the Founding Team of TEDxSydney.

During the past twenty years she has worked closely with the C-suite of Australia’s leading brands, helping build the profiles of business and thought leaders from some of the world's most innovative brands including TED.com and TEDx, the Olympic Games, the Winter Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, the Seven Network, ABC Television and FOXTEL's Multi Channel Network.

Entrepreneurs TV is the first Australian TV series exclusively focused on the founders of Australian businesses and has been picked up by Nine Network.

She has worked with thought leaders and icons of personal branding such as Richard Branson and Paris Hilton and Ian Thorpe. Fleur has worked as a journalist in Australia, the United States and New Zealand.


Public workshops

Fleur delivers two one-day workshops:

  • Talk Like TED: Learn to create high impact, relevant content that aligns with your personal strengths and professional objectives. You’ll structure a presentation using the best-practice techniques taught to TED speakers and get coaching and feedback on your delivery style. 
  • How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand: Understand the tools required to turn your passions and knowledge into authentic thought leadership. You’ll learn how to build and leverage your profile to amplify and support the growth of your organisation, attract new business and further your career.


In-house training

Fleur is able to deliver both her Talk Like TED and Personal Brand workshop in-house. She will tailor the workshops to the experience and seniority level of the professionals and can accommodate either a small or large group. Either workshop can run in a series of two hour blocks, half day or full day segments.


Coaching and consulting

Fleur is available for coaching and consulting engagements focusing on

  • Growing the individual, team or business profile of a company
  • Improving the presentation style of teams and individuals
  • Managing and leveraging social media channels to help individuals or teams with business development or career transition
  • Understanding how to navigate the media


Keynote talks and topics

Fleur is available for formal keynote presentations and informal lunch and learn sessions

  • Why growing a personal brand is now everyone’s business
  • How to deliver presentations that inspire and impact
  • How to grow your personal profile and increase your team sales
  • Improve the media skills of key executives



Fleur can assist with implementing and devising a thought leadership or content plan for key executives.

10 Reviews
Grace Kim, Artistic Director of Concert Series
Professional, friendly and respectful environment - Fleur was very generous with her wealth of knowledge and the group dynamic was fantastic. I gained a great deal!

Ana Neves, Freelance Journalist
I enjoyed the content value and outline of the course. I also enjoyed the intimacy of the bespoke workshop, collaboration and sharing of insights. The course structure is concise and interactive.

Christopher Zinn, Director Campaigns & Communications at Determined Consumer
There can be a lot of waffle on this subject but delighted and energised by no nonsense and concise strategies to define, refine and outline the core elements of one's own 'brand.' The take homes and follow up opportunities really add value

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