Elyse Daniels

Founder Exodus Wear
Manufacturing, Product, Startup
Elyse Daniels
Elyse Daniels took a niche idea to create customisable jackets and turned it into a multi-million-dollar business.
This expert is available for in-house training, one-on-one coaching, keynote and talks, consulting and implementation support.

Exodus Wear now produces a range of custom apparel for schools and community groups. The jackets have been worn by Justin Bieber, Justice Crew, Kyle Sandilands and many other celebrities. Elyse has been manufacturing products in China since 2009. She has first-hand experience of the pitfalls and made lots of unnecessary mistakes that cost time, energy and thousands of dollars. She’s passionate about supporting others to avoid these mistakes and presented at the 2017 Global Retail Conference on this topic.

3 Reviews
Sahil Harriam, CEO and Mechatronics Engineer,Elite Robotics
This course served as a great primer to help me understand how manufacturing and supply chain will fit into my overall businesses strategy. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is looking to get physical products made for their business but has no idea where to start.

Mary-Jane Stubbs, Brand Innovator at Snuggle Hunny Kids
Elyse lives and breathes her topic so it was both informative, but also practical and transferrable.

Sahil Harriam, CEO and Mechatronics Engineer,Elite Robotics
Elyse is an engaging communicator and did an amazing job of teaching us about the process of manufacturing products in China. Using her considerable experience in this area she was able to share the tips and tricks of how to get your products produced in China in a practical way. Much of the core content I got out of the workshop where things that you won't be able to read online or in a book and even though we are operating in completely different industries.

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