Craig Davies

Former Head of Security Atlassian
Cybersecurity Planning and Procedures
Craig Davies
This expert is available for in-house training, one-on-one coaching, keynote and talks, consulting and implementation support.

Craig Davies is former CEO for the Federal Government’s Australian Cybersecurity Growth Network, former Head of Security at Atlassian and Chief Security Officer at Cochlear.

He has spent more than twenty years in cybersecurity working in a number of fields including infrastructure operations, security architecture, website development and operations. As the first CEO of AustCyber, Craig negotiated agreements with States and Territories to establish innovation notes across the country and set out a plan to make Australia a global force in the cybersecurity market. At Atlassian, Craig developed and led the security program to support all aspects of Atlassian’s business including product security, cloud operations and the protection of Atlassian itself. Craig is a passionate supporter of Australia’s startup ecosystem and has advised companies including Bugcrowd and Deckee.


Public workshops

Craig delivers a one day Essential Cybersecurity for Business Leaders workshop. You'll explore real world examples to learn who the offenders are, their motivations and what strategies they could use to attack your business. This hands-on workshop will teach you practical plans and procedures to put in place at each stage of a company's growth and role play scenarios for what to do when you're hit. 


In-house training

Craig delivers his Essential Cybersecurity workshop in house and has done so for a number of companies including NAB and Starlight Children's Foundation. Craig will tailor the course to cover specific cases within your company and deep dive on issues that affect your company. 


Coaching and consulting

Craig is available for coaching and consulting engagements ranging from a half-day to 3 days, covering the following areas:

  • Cyber strategy
  • Operational direction
  • Executive coaching in cyber issues
  • Incident handling


Keynote talks and topics

Craig is available for formal keynote presentations and informal lunch and learn sessions. Topics include

  • The cyber threats that actually matter
  • Separating fact from fiction in cyber issues
  • Looking for growth using cyber approaches
  • 3 issues boards should care about 



Craig is able to assist with implementing cyber security solutions in your business. 

3 Reviews
Geoff Pidcock, Data and Analytics Lead, Jayride
What was excellent about this program is how Craig walked us through his strategy, his management and his selling of a security program

Paula Billington, Chief of Operations, Flexcareers
The small group setting was conducive to learning and interaction and the real world examples provided made it meaningful.

Kym Welsby, Regional Director, APAC Clearswift, RUAG Cyber Security
Craig gave a number of very useful real world examples of how cyber security culture and processes can be promoted within an organisation.

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