Andrianes Pinantoan

VP Product and Growth, AirTasker
Growth, Product, SEO, SEM, Social Media
Andrianes Pinantoan
This expert is available for in-house training, one-on-one coaching, keynote and talks, consulting and implementation support.

Andrianes Pinantoan is currently VP Product and Growth at Airtasker and was formerly Head of Growth at Canva. His strategies increased Canva’s activation rate by 50%, retention by 35% and his acquisition channel and referral programs drive millions of new customers to sign-up for Canva every month. While Andrianes primarily worked on strategy during his time with Canva, he was also directly responsible for the execution of the following growth teams; SEO, CRO,SEM/paid social, marketing automation, mobile growth, international growth, pricing and bundling and content strategy. And the following product teams; marketplace demand, analytics, Canva for work, Canva for teams, homepage and onboarding.

Along with all this, Andrianes has consulted to many of Australia’s most successful start-ups including Tyro, Space Ship, Pocketbook and Open Colleges.

5 Reviews
Tom Connole, Freelance Business Project Manager
Andre's knowledge was so incredibly vast. I love his approach to look past the obvious and let the data tell you the story

Tanya Nehl, Customer Success Manager, Blrt
It's fantastic to get real, actionable knowledge and insights from someone who has achieved what you're working towards. It's a valuable opportunity for learning that opens up new opportunities for our company. I learnt a lot and am looking forward to implementing these learnings and observing the results.

Scott Cairns, CEO, Secure Your World
Andre was clearly very knowledgable on the topics discussed. Great mix of his personal experience and relating it to the businesses of everyone that attended

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