Andrea Culligan

Former Chief Customer Experience Officer, Redii
Lean startup, design thinking, strategy, team alignment
Andrea Culligan
This expert is available for in-house training, one-on-one coaching, keynote and talks, consulting and implementation support.

Andrea Culligan has over 17 years experience in entrepreneurship. Having founded 7 businesses in 2 countries, Andrea works heavily in the start up and tech space. With a firm belief in a customer centered approach, Andrea utilises lean startup and design thinking methodologies to provide solutions and systems that help businesses grow. 

Andrea was the founder and CEO of Unimail and also the Chief Customer Experience Officer at Redii, a SASS recognition and rewards platform that helps companies achieve business goals. Andrea initially joined to the team to pivot the HR tech platform and identify new areas of opportunities. 

Andrea has also created the Inspiring Rare Birds brand, defined the communication and unique identity for SBE Australia, advised RIBIT (Data 61) on customer experience and B2B sales and mentored for SheStarts and Blue Chilli accelerator programs. She currently sits across 6 boards, including Business Fights Poverty, Seven Summits and Entrepreneurs Organisation. 

Previously Andrea won the Telstra Young Business Women of the Year, the Telstra Small Business of the Year and has been on the BRW Fastest 100, along with a multitude of client, industry and marketing awards throughout the years.


In-house training 

Andrea runds an in-house workshop focusing on three areas; clarity, commitment and consistency 

Clarity: Providing a single point of focus

  • Facilitation of strategy session

  • CEO/founder/executive coaching

  • Facilitation of vision creation session

  • Facilitation of values revamp/creation session

Commitment: Team alignment and plan of action

  • Working one on one with teams/founders to define strategies

  • Facilitation of team strategy presentation sessions (each team presents strategies to business/founder/CEO for alignment

Consistency: Rhythm and structure for reporting and communications

  • Work with team/founder/executive/CEO to clearly communicate and report on action items and reportable areas of business

  • Define pillars/consumable information for the rest of the business to understand and work towards


Coaching and consulting

Andrea is available for coaching and consulting engagements focusing on the following areas: 

  • Design thinking sessions

  • Design sprints (MVP testing)

  • Customer research/feedback

  • Lean startup process

  • Ideation tests

  • Customer centric/human centric design


Keynote talks and topics

Andrea is available for formal keynote presentations and informal lunch and learn sessions. 

  • Courage to try

  • Customer first

  • Failure as an option to grow

  • High performance methods

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