Andre Eikmeier

Cofounder, Vinomofo
Branding, Community Management, Purpose, Culture, Vision, Transformation 
Andre Eikmeier
Cofounder Vinomofo
This expert is available for in-house training, one-on-one coaching, keynote and talks, consulting and implementation support.

Andre Eikmeier is cofounder of Vinomofo - the $100M wine retailer with a global community that’s transforming the wine industry.  Andre and his cofounder launched Vinomofo from their garage in 2011. They understood from the start that they were in the business of building a movement, and they weren’t afraid to take risks.  They stood for wine lovers with no bow ties and no bullshit.  And they united a tribe who felt proud to be Mofo.  Andre credits understanding brand and their community as the single differentiator which led to such rapid global growth and their defensible position in a competitive market.

Andre recently stepped down as CEO of Vinomofo to help companies build culture-led brands and unite their own tribes by doing things right.  André is a thought leader and passionate speaker about failure, culture, branding, standing for something, building tribes, and being human.


Public workshops

Andre delivers a one day branding workshop, Brand Like a MOFO, where you'll create the foundation of a brand strategy that will unite your tribe of customers, create a sense of belonging, get people sharing and referring your products and build a defensible business for the long-term. 


In-house training

Andre delivers a full-day intensive ‘Tribal Brandstorm’ workshop in-house for founders, leaders and marketers to align purpose, brand and culture to unit their tribes. 

  • Find and connect with your personal purpose, what drives you, why you started or joined the business
  • Explore the why, how and what of the organisation, articulate your authentic purpose and what you stand for you; your values and your vision
  • Identify who you are for, your tribe - what do they dream of? What do they believe? What do they want to feel?
  • Define your brand values and find the core idea at the heart of your brand that will be the beacon to unite your tribe
  • Content strategy - tell the stories that people will care about and talk about


Coaching and consulting

Andre is available for coaching and consulting engagements ranging between a few hours or several weeks on a part time basis. 

  • Purpose - Finding the why to connect and align your team and your brand
  • Culture - Building a human culture that attracts and brings out the best in people
  • Brand - Building a tribal brand 
  • Vision - Creating a vision, vision to strategy, strategy to plan, plan to execution
  • Transformation - Transforming your organisation for the digital age'


Keynote talks and topics

Andre is available for formal keynote presentations and informal lunch and learn sessions.

  • How to Grow a Tribal Brand - In modern marketing, you cannot afford to buy and churn attention, you must create a brand that stands for something, that is a beacon that unites a tribe of people who care. Andre shares his insights from creating one of the most engaging wine brands in the world and shows us how to align purpose, culture and brand and how to tell a story that people will care and talk about.
  • Human Business - Changing Culture for Good - Our culture of business is broken. The relentless pursuit of growth for growth’s sake, no matter the cost; more over better; profit without purpose; manipulating customers and employees for optimisation and efficiency; taking no responsibility for community ot the planet - it’s not sustainable. People are holding organisations accountable and even the mighty are falling in account of poor culture. Companies are realising they must create value not only for shareholders but for all - customers, employees, suppliers and the community. Organisations want to change, even if only because they know it’s the only way to survive and grow. But they need help. 
  • Road to Vino - A story of failure, resilience, transformation and happiness. It took twenty years, five failed businesses and three unsuccessful careers to build the overnight success that is $100m global online wine startup Vinomofo. Woven through a moving story of 50 stones and an epiphany, Andre shares a very real and raw account of the failures, triumphs and hard and vital lessons that have shaped the company and him as an entrepreneur.



  • Executing a content marketing strategy
  • Customer identities, user journeys and lifecycle
  • Vision to strategy, strategy to plan, plan to execution
  • Transforming your organisation for today's world
  • Focusing your operations and adapting to change 

2 Reviews
Ben Knight, Brand and Communications Manager, Orange Sky
It was a mind-bending day today with some super vibrant direction. Has definitely set the scene for some high impact for our tribe

Julian Leach, Founder and CEO, Parcelpoint
We have been reconnected with the roots of our business and clarified an inspiring purpose that had become a little buried along the way. Now we are rolling out a fresh identity that properly represents who we are and the boldness of our vision for the future. Thank you!

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