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Case Studies | Zambesi

Case studies: in-house
training, talks and consulting

“When our team realised how these hyper-growth companies operate, they wanted to change. It was much more powerful than us telling them why data is important or why agile is important.”

“We were tired of the same old sport stars and inspirational speakers for our internal events. Zambesi helped us to engage entrepreneurs and leaders at high-growth companies who could share great stories and cutting-edge tactics that were relevant to our team.”

Zambesi can work with you and your team to design in-house training, consulting or talks for your business. Zambesi experts are all pioneers at high-growth technology firms.

We have more than fifty experts on our public platform and access to many other company founders or industry specialists who aren’t listed on the site. We regularly supply speakers for major conferences and large corporate clients as well as small lunch and learn talks or two-hour consulting sessions for startups.

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